Quick Action is Needed When There’s Water Damage in Your Building

Don’t wait when water intrudes in your building.

Whether the water is from a heavy rain, a flood, storm surge or a busted pipe, any standing water should be cleaned up as soon as possible.  If the drying process doesn’t start immediately, the likelihood of mold and severe moisture damage increases with each passing hour.

In commercial spaces, such as data centers, hospitals, and retail stores, unnecessary moisture can lead to mold and mildew problems if the right equipment isn’t used to resolve the issue. When faced with interior water damage, it’s important to consider the entire range of remediation rental items that can address every aspect of the recovery, from removing standing water to drying the impacted space. 

If your space has been exposed to water, equipment rental companies can provide the necessary remediation gear. This gear often includes:

  • Generators – In the event of loss of power, a generator will be required to power the drying equipment.
  • Pumps – Often used to remove any large volumes of water before starting the drying process.
  • Flood Extractors – Ideal for removing the residual standing water and solids up to a half-inch.  Flood extractors have an integrated pump that allows for continuous use with no stopping to empty the tank.
  • LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers – From a single dehumidifier to dry a bathroom to a full tractor trailer load for large loss events, companies with a nationwide footprint like Herc Rentals can provide customers multiple dehumidifier options for any drying requirement.
  • Air movers and large fans – Circulating the air is critical to faster drying. Both air movers and fans are effective solutions.
  • Air scrubbers for air quality control – Great for removing odors, dust, and mildew.
  • Debris removal equipment – For post-event clean-up.

Building owners and property managers who do not have a plan for water damage should consider contacting Herc Rentals to review our range of remediation and post-event recovery equipment.  By understanding the solutions our team can provide, you can avoid costly delays in starting the remediation process and pricier solutions down the line due to inaction. 

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