Covid 19: A Message of Thanks from Larry Silber

Dear Colleagues, Customers and Friends,

We take pride in providing essential services for the organizations and people who are critical in meeting the challenges we face during the coronavirus pandemic. We are also proud of our team members, who continue to do their best under difficult circumstances. We thank all of Team Herc for persevering during these challenging times, and we especially acknowledge our professional drivers, service technicians and other front-line branch personnel who continue to ensure that our customers and communities get the equipment and support they need from Team Herc.

At the same time, we thank our customers for their continued confidence in our people and our company. We know you have a choice in equipment rental partners. We also recognize that your operational requirements may have changed in this uncertain environment. We remain ready to support your operations in whatever capacity we can.

We also extend our deepest gratitude to all the people in front-line roles who are coping with the worst of this pandemic. To all medical professionals and healthcare providers; emergency services, police, firefighters and military personnel; grocery, restaurant and food-service workers; warehouse, shipping and delivery employees; utilities and sanitation workers and those providing other essential public services — we salute your dedication and take inspiration from your commitment to service.

Certainly, there are many more people performing critical roles during this pandemic who also deserve our thanks. Among them are the family members who are supporting essential workers. We include our Team Herc family members when we express our thanks to all who are supporting loved ones serving in critical roles across our communities.

We also offer our thoughts for those who have been affected by the separation from or loss of loved ones as well as those experiencing economic hardship. We know that this pandemic has affected many people in unfathomable ways, and we deeply hope that soon we can once again embrace each other to help soothe our collective sadness from its physical, emotional and economic tolls.

Until then, please know that the people of Team Herc stand with you as we all work through these difficult days together. As always, we will be ready to help when, together, we rise again and step forward to build a brighter future.



Larry Silber
President and Chief Executive Officer
Herc Rentals

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