Covid-19 Readiness: Herc Rentals’ Commitment as an Essential Business

To Our Customers and the Communities We Serve:

We care deeply about the safety and health of our team members, our customers’ employees, and the citizens of our communities. We know that many of our customers and communities are depending on us during this extraordinary time. We are committed to fulfilling our obligation as an essential business by providing equipment and services to address the challenges we now confront together.

Because of the equipment and services we provide, Herc Rentals is considered an “essential service” with the ability to conduct its operations in support of critical industries and services during this time of adversity (although shelter-in-place directives may impact that ability in some municipalities or states).

Team Herc stands ready to help all the industries that are crucial to overcoming our current challenges. We are currently responding to hospitals and healthcare facilities with temporary structures, portable power and lighting, climate control and similar equipment. We are supporting the public sector with equipment that helps our communities address urgent safety and health measures. We are providing material handling and related equipment to warehouse distribution centers to support their operations. We are helping electric, water and other utilities maintain their vital services. In short, we are operational and ready to serve.

Herc Rentals has significant experience operating under extreme and emergency conditions. For example, we have maintained business support for customers and communities before, during and in the aftermath of hurricanes, wildfires, floods, blizzards and other catastrophic events. We remain prepared and committed to supporting you through this difficult moment in time, and we look forward to doing so long after the current challenges we all now face together.

We know that in times like these, having a reliable and responsive resource ready to support you is critical to keeping your operations functioning. To that end, we have initiated our emergency protocols to support business continuity to the extent possible and in accordance with local, state/provincial and national directives. Fundamentally, in the event of a suspension of activities at a branch that serves your operations, we are prepared to redirect support for your business needs to our nearest unaffected branches, and with drivers and service technicians that can be redeployed as necessary.

We know that during these uncertain and challenging times, normal operational practices are insufficient. As a result, we — like many of you — have taken extraordinary measures across our operations to minimize exposure to and the impacts of COVID-19, all while maintaining our ability to support your critical operational requirements. To that end, we will continue to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance across our operations and maintain enhanced safety and health precautions to safeguard our team members and our customers’ employees and operations.

I wish you all the best as we persevere through this adversity together.

Larry Silber
President and Chief Executive Officer
Herc Rentals

March 27, 2020

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