Herc Rentals Moves Up in Rank

Herc Rentals has, once again, earned the title as a Military Friendly company. 

In addition, Military Friendly, the standard that measures an organization’s commitment, effort and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefits for the military community, upped Herc Rentals rank as a military-friendly employer from bronze in 2021 to silver in 2022. 

The company also earned the status of “friendly” and the rank/award of “designated” in the categories of Military Spouse Friendly Employers and Military Friendly Supplier Diversity Program. Herc Rentals was also declared a Military Friendly Brand for the first time. Each of the honors were for companies in the category of $1-$5 billion. 

Companies earn Military Spouse Friendly Employer honors for its efforts to help military spouse employees have long-term careers. Companies receive the Military Friendly Suppliers Diversity Program distinction by demonstrating a commitment to the veteran community by including veteran-owned businesses in their supplier diversity programs. The Military Brand designation honors companies who demonstrate a social and material investment in support of the military and veteran community, including consumer supports and protections. 

None of this would be possible without the support of Herc Rentals senior leadership team and all the other company leaders who support the veteran initiative for Team Herc, said Herc Rentals’ military programs/military talent advisory lead. 

For veterans working at Herc Rentals, the honor means a lot. It shows the company is dedicated to the betterment of the veteran community and the veterans it employs.  

According to Herc Rentals’ vice president of talent, the company will use the Military Friendly designation to show job candidates who are veterans that the company will go above and beyond to ensure their needs are accommodated. 

Because military veterans offer a unique set of skills and experiences that are well suited to careers with Herc Rentals, the company aspires to recruit more transitioning veterans as well as those currently serving in the Reserves and National Guard. 

To earn the designation, the Military Friendly Company survey investigates and identifies organizations whose commitment to serving the military and veteran community is comprehensive in scope and meaningful in terms of actual outcomes and impact whether it’s hiring and career advancement, customer service or charitable investment. 

Companies that receive the Military Friendly designation must meet or exceed Military Friendly’s standard in at least three out of four critical areas of commitment to the military community:  

  • Recruiting, hiring and training of veterans (Military Friendly Employers) 
  • Recruiting, hiring and training of military spouses (Military Spouse Friendly Employers) 
  • Partnering with and supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses (Military Friendly Supplier Diversity Programs) 
  • Commitment to military consumer protections and having a positive brand reputation in the military community (Military Friendly Brands) 

The Military Friendly designation lets organizations know that what they’re doing is working, while different designation levels allow them to keep enhancing their veteran programs, like Herc Rentals has with its Veterans Resource Group. Essentially, it’s a testament to how much care and passion go into our veteran recruitment and hiring efforts. 

The Military Friendly® program was founded in 2003 and had approximately 20 organizations competing for the Military Friendly® designation. Today, that number is around 2,000.  

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