Turning Down Your Project’s Volume

Safe + Sound Kits Help Reduce Noise Pollution 

Noise pollution is everywhere. 

Whether it’s the big city, the suburbs or somewhere else, horns will honk, sirens will roar, people will shout, and machines will keep chugging along until someone or something puts an end to it.  

In cities and towns across North America, local leaders are doing what they can to turn the volume down whether it’s posting signs, enacting noise ordinances, building noise barrier walls along busy roads and more. 

As a result, manufacturers are designing products to run quietly while entrepreneurs have created an industry around noise reduction solutions. Now, in an effort to be good neighbors, follow local laws, and be more considerate of others, many business owners, property managers, and contractors are taking a preemptive strike against noise pollution with Safe + Sound Kits. 

Built to surround noise producing equipment such as generators, engine driven pumps, or wherever a reduction in road or crowd noise is needed, Safe + Sound Kits are designed to reduce worksite noise pollution by up to 97% with the added bonus of providing improved jobsite security.   

When placed close to a noise source, Safe + Sound Kits can reduce up to 40 decibels from the noise source, creating a safer work environment wherever noise mitigation is needed, including urban or residential environments, airports, schools, hospitals, construction sites, mining operations, indoor conferences, demolition, utilities, public transport systems, and events. 

Safe + Sound Kits come with three main components. The base is comprised of MASH compliant water cable crash barriers with integrated forklift pockets for easy positioning.  The water wall provides a secure base for installation of chain link fence sections and a gate to limit access to the equipment to only authorized personnel.  Easy-to-deploy noise reduction panels are then affixed to the fence sections. These can even be applied in multiple layers for added sound reduction.  The entire design is completely customizable to support nearly any jobsite requirement. 

To see how the Safe + Sound Kits can be easily installed in 25 minutes or less, or to book a rental, click Here.  

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