Emergency Power Plans Begin by Partnering with the Pros

An emergency power plan ensures productivity and safety won’t be jeopardized following an outage

A key component of any emergency power plan is having professionals ready to respond when your facility suffers an outage.

Building an emergency power plan is a complicated, highly technical task and should be left to the experts. It’s one of the main reasons business owners and facility managers often turn to equipment rental companies like Herc Rentals for everything from delivery and set-up to selecting the right backup generator for their business or facility.

When building an emergency power plan, business owners and facility managers should look for three things before partnering with an equipment rental company.

The first is experience and success in assisting customers determine what generator or generators would be suited to provide emergency backup power. The second is ensuring the rental company’s technicians are up to date on their training and have demonstrated a successful history of installing a wide range of generators across a broad spectrum of job sites and facilities. The last thing to look for is the equipment itself. By partnering with a premier equipment rental company like Herc Rentals, business owners and facility managers can be assured the generators they rent are newer models that are inspected and serviced between each rental.

By understanding what to look for in an equipment rental provider and then partnering with that provider, your emergency power supply system will be ready when you need it most.

No more lost time searching for the right generator.

No time wasted in locating a professional to get it up and running.

No loss of productivity or jeopardizing safety in the event of an emergency.

The best equipment rental companies have a range of generators capable of powering anything from a small home or office up to massive buildings and warehouses. These generators include:

  • Towable Generators: Ideal for industrial, construction, disaster relief, oil field, and military use
  • Skid Mounted Generators: Ideal for construction sites and mid-to-long-term operations
  • Portable Generators: Ideal power source for office or residential applications such as furnaces, refrigerators, microwaves, RV air conditioning units, TVs, computers


One of the primary reasons to establish a partnership with a premier rental company is the expertise they offer. When you’re dealing with power generation in an emergency, every minute matters. By establishing a partnership, experts can accurately determine your power supply needs, help you select the right attachments and cables for your facility’s amperage and voltage, and recommend a site-specific generator or generators.

Another big reason to rent is peace of mind.

The main goal of an emergency power plan is to have your facility seamlessly switch to a backup generator once there is a loss of power. With a premier equipment rental company as a partner, you’ll know the emergency power source will be set up and work properly when you need it most. Top equipment rental companies have highly skilled technicians inspecting generators upon return and again before they’re rented out.

Another bonus of renting instead of purchasing has to do with transportation. While portable and small towable generators are easy to move between job sites (provided your vehicle has the proper hitch), large trailer-mounted towable generators and skid mounted generators are not. Premier rental companies offer equipment delivery and set-up, ensuring your rented emergency power source has been set up accurately and safely. This allows you to keep your hands clean and mind free of worries about safe transport and setup.

Finally, the flexibility. Larger equipment rental companies offer more flexible contract lengths. This offers customers a short or long-term power supply solution. Whether you need backup power for an approaching storm or want to ensure there’s never a loss of heating, cooling, or productivity due to an outage, contracting with an equipment rental company may be the easiest avenue for facility managers everywhere.

For more information about power generation, including generators, fuel tanks, and load banks, click HERE. If you need help building your emergency power plan, click HERE.

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