The Top 5 Benefits of Using Portable Air Conditioners During the Summer

Hot, humid rooms can make your home or workspace uncomfortable and even dangerous. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune installing a vented air conditioning system to stay cool and comfortable as the temperature rises. Portable air conditioners provide an affordable, convenient solution for cooling temporary or mobile spaces and can be a cost-effective option for homes and offices. 

Investing in a portable air conditioner can help solve various HVAC woes. Below, we’ll explore the top five benefits of portable ACs. 

1. No Installation Hassle

Installing a permanent air conditioning system isn’t always a practical option. Central and mini-split systems require venting and plumbing installation, which can significantly impact your costs. If you need to cool a room in a property or require a temporary cooling solution on a job site or commercial space, portable air conditioners provide convenient climate control without the permanence and expense of an installed system. 

Many portable ACs are straightforward to set up and include a hose, allowing you to vent the unit out of an open window or door. You can simply plug in the unit in your home, temporary workspace or event venue and remove it when you no longer need it — no repairs necessary. Portable 1- to 5-ton air conditioners are ideal for cooling small spaces and offices. Meanwhile, large 25-ton air con units provide powerful climate control in larger work and event spaces.

2. Portable Air Conditioning Provides Flexibility

While installed systems often provide excellent efficiency, they’re not as flexible as portable air conditioning units. Many portable air conditioners are light enough to move from room to room, allowing you to take the unit with you as you move around your home or workspace. Features such as integrated wheels can make it easier to roll your portable AC between areas.

Larger units designed for industrial applications may require machinery to move them from place to place. Many of Herc Rentals’ large portable air con solutions include features designed for simplified transportation, such as forklift pockets and galvanized cages for easier stacking. 

3. Multipurpose Heating and Cooling

Climate control can be complex in areas with extreme temperature variations. Instead of cluttering your space with separate heating and cooling models, consider using a multifunctional air conditioner to meet your heating and cooling needs in one compact unit. Herc Rentals’ catalog of portable AC units includes multipurpose models that can heat, cool and dehumidify your home or workspace. 

4. Ideal Cooling for Small Spaces

Portable air conditioners are ideal for cooling small spaces and offices. Many portable AC units feature compact dimensions, allowing you to slot them into tight spaces without compromising floor space. Furthermore, it’s often cheaper to cool individual rooms instead of installing a central AC system to control the climate in an entire space.

Talk to the Portable Air Conditioner Experts

Whether you require a small, portable AC for temporary use or an industrial air conditioner for cooling large workspaces, the heating and cooling experts at Herc Rentals can help you find the best options for your needs. Contact us today to explore our suite of portable air conditioning solutions.

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