Keep Your Cool All Summer Long

Beat the heat with a selection of climate control equipment

As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your team members cool during sweltering summer days — and you also know the impact a loss of commercial air conditioning can have on productivity.

Initially developed to keep heavy machinery operating at peak performance, commercial air conditioner makers began studying the impacts a cool, comfortable workplace can have on team members. That initial study showed air conditioning boosted productivity by more than 25 percent and led to decreased absenteeism when compared to team members who didn’t work in air-conditioned environments.

Now, decades later, it’s hard to imagine working in a non-air-conditioned workplace. But due to wear-and-tear, lightning strikes and random power outages, it happens — often.

No matter what your situation may be — whether you’re attempting to cool a multi-story building, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, office, protect a computer server room from overheating or outside workers from heat exhaustion — Herc Rentals offers the entire gamut of cooling solutions.

For businesses and industries that cannot afford to grind to a standstill due to a power outage or air conditioning breakdown, Herc Rentals can quickly mobilize and get you up and running while you wait for your existing HVAC unit to be repaired or replaced.

Herc Rentals offers everything from one-ton portable air conditioning units which run off 110-volt power up to a temporary chiller solution to get your whole building up and running. When AC units break down or there is a loss of power, Herc Rentals will consult with the property owner to determine what size unit is needed.

Herc Rentals offers a variety of portable AC units to rent – each designed to fit different needs – as well as rentable 5- to 80-ton AC units and 30- to 500-ton chillers to cool multi-story buildings, hospitals and grocery stores. Breezers, a large fan device that uses mist to keep outdoor workers cool even in the hottest temperatures, are also available for rent.

How to determine your need

Because homes, offices and retail facilities have venting to the ceiling or outdoors, one- to five-ton units that include both heating and cooling can be one option.  Herc Rentals also could design a system where you’d never know your permanent AC unit isn’t working!  In general, a one-ton unit cools approximately 400 sq. ft. of space. For example, if a bank loses its 10-ton AC unit, Herc Rentals can respond quickly with ten one-ton units or two five-ton units, depending on the building’s power structure.

MovinCool Climate Pro 12 – 1-Ton Air Conditioner with Heat

Other portable units include water-cooled portable units and commercial and industrial application portable units. The one-to five-ton water cooled portable units do not require ducting to exhaust hot air and is built for open or hard lid buildings and targeting high ambient heat areas. This unit also requires a water connection and suitable drainage.

Oceanaire 20ACH 6032 – Water Cooled Air Conditioner

Commercial and industrial one- to twelve-ton units are designed to roll through standard sized doors, includes heating and cooling and built to spot cool machines like a computer server and people. These units allow you to cool targeted areas as opposed to a large area, representing substantial energy savings in comparison to central air.

Herc Rentals portable air-conditioning units are further broken down into 3 main categories – General Purpose Packaged Units, Hybrid Units and Vertical Packaged Units.

The most common, General Purpose Packaged Units, are self-contained AC systems that house all components (compressor, condenser, expansion valve, etc.) in a single box and are designed to cool spaces as small as a computer server room, home, office or retail centers like large grocery stores.

Hybrid Units provide cooling, heating, dehumidification, 100% return air or 100% outside air operations. These units feature large cooling and heating capacities.

Vertical Packaged Units have one central use — cooling large outdoor areas like large tents for everything from weddings and event VIP areas to keeping first responders and relief workers cool following a natural disaster. This unit is built to exceed demanding expectations in unique environments.  Small in footprint, these units keep you cool even when weather is at its hottest.

Whatever your cooling need, Herc Rentals has it

CAPS PPKV-20TD – 20-Ton Vertical Air Conditioner

Herc Rentals also offers 5- to 12-ton indoor portable AC units, ductable 5- to 25-ton and 30- to 80-ton air conditioners, 30- to 500-ton chillers and mist-blowing Power Breezer Mobile Cooling Units – ideal for outdoor concerts, amusement parks and events.

Breezer Mobile Cooling PB10-A-1B

Don’t wait until your air conditioning unit goes down. Avoid lengthy work stoppages. Have a back-up plan in place. Contact your Herc Rentals ProSolutions expert to set up your plan today.

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