Herc Rentals Continues Earning Accolades for Military Veteran Hiring and Programs

Due to their leadership skills, work ethic, flexibility, integrity, working in team settings and ability to overcome challenges and solve problems, military veterans continue to be sought-after employees for Herc Rentals recruiters.

Additionally, veterans are discovering that working at Herc Rentals provides a smooth transition to civilian life because the company provides them and their spouses with a wide range of career opportunities in a stable and growth-oriented environment.

It’s because of this effort to hire and retain veterans as well as providing them with the training and programs needed to thrive in a corporate setting that Herc Rentals has once again been recognized as a Military Friendly Employer for 2021.

Josh Rosen, director of Military Friendly, noted that companies like Herc Rentals were given this distinction because they have invested in substantive programs to recruit, retain and advance veterans within their organizations. “To them, hiring veterans isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s good for business.”

It is the sixth time the company has received the distinction and the first time it has received the award at the Bronze level.  The company earned the Bronze level distinction due to its veteran recruiting and retention efforts, other metrics, as well scoring within 30% of the top employers in our category.

“This award means we’re being recognized for our efforts in recruiting veterans, fostering a positive military culture from recruiting through however long they’re here,” said Jeff Simmons, Herc Rentals veteran programs recruiting lead. “Veterans are attracted to Herc as they see themselves to be a good fit for our culture as we promote and foster teamwork and camaraderie, which were essential during their time in the military and easily transfers to their time at Herc Rentals.”

Institutions earning the Military Friendly Employer designation were evaluated using both public data sources and responses from a proprietary survey. Hundreds of companies participated in the Military Friendly Employers portion of the 2021 Military Friendly Companies survey.

The recognition as a Military Friendly Employer at the Bronze level follows several other accolades the company has received in 2020, including the Pro Patria Award for demonstrating the greatest support to Guard and Reserve employees and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve’s Patriot Award for its efforts made to support citizen warriors through flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence if needed.

Since 2018, Herc Rentals has hired nearly 250 veterans with retention of its military veterans continuing to improve significantly year over year.

Company programs and more have greatly improved retention rates, said Simmons, pointing to education between the veteran recruiter and the Herc Rentals recruiting team, increased interaction between the veteran talent advisors and those within the hiring chain, routine recognition of veteran employees, an outward promotion of the military friendly culture, formation of a veteran resource group, and more.

Last year, Herc Rentals established a Veterans Resource Group (VRG) to support and mentor the company’s service members and provide opportunities to learn and work with fellow veteran and military team members. Employee Resource Groups, like the VRG, are built to enable employees with common interests, backgrounds or demographics to collaborate, support one another and learn together. These groups also foster a more inclusive environment and support the overall wellbeing of colleagues in the workplace.

Additionally, the nearly 400-member Veterans Resource Group also works with Herc Rentals’ recruiters and its Human Resources Department to help the company find, attract and retain veterans while providing them with the tools, education and experience needed to do the job.

The program is open to all Team Herc veterans, regardless of the countries they served or length of service.

For more information about veteran programs and open positions at Herc Rentals, click HERE.

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