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Equipment Rental Companies’ Range of Available Trucks Puts Car Rental Outlets in the Rearview

When it comes to renting trucks, popular car and truck rental agencies are taking a backseat to equipment rental companies.

Increasingly, the construction industry and many others are discovering the benefits of renting trucks from equipment rental companies for a variety of reasons. These reasons include the convenience and efficiency of a sole rental provider and the ability to rent specialty commercial trucks.

Large equipment rental companies also have advantages over other truck rental companies. For example, Herc Rentals offers:

  • A nationwide footprint of more than 275 branches throughout North America and a network of over 4,000 maintenance service providers
  • Unlimited customization packages
  • Unlimited rental duration with no lengthy contract obligations
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance
  • The ability to quickly provide a replacement truck if a truck goes down
  • Technology package includes Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay, Android Audio, voice command, and telematics ProControl technology

Then there’s the fleet.

Herc Rentals has trucks built for a whole gamut of applications. Here’s a look at some of what’s available:

Pick-up trucks – Whatever you need a pick-up for, Herc Rentals has a model for you. Options include ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1-ton models with a range of standard, extended and crew cab options. All models are 4WD and come equipped with work-truck packages. Payloads range from 1,800 to 4,099 lbs., while tow capacities range from 9,100 to 14,200 lbs. Additionally, these trucks are all equipped with a back-up camera, Bluetooth®, tow package, a spray-in bedliner, and ProControl telematics.

Vans – Haul people, goods, equipment, and more with the available cargo and passenger vans. Cargo vans feature a sliding side door and barn doors in the rear that make loading and unloading easy. Models also have a payload and towing capacity of 3,600 and 5,200 lbs., respectively. Passenger vans can transport up to 12 people and feature payload and towing capacities of 2,800 and 4,300 lbs., respectively.

Utility trucks –These ¾-ton and 1-ton trucks are available in all cab types. Gas-powered, 4WD trucks include a nine-foot cargo unit for tools and utilities needed on job sites. Other features include a back-up camera, Bluetooth®, tow package, ladder rack, and ProControl telematics.

Bucket trucks – Herc Rentals’ bucket trucks allow utility workers, public works departments, arborists, and sign-installers to reach heights safely. Features include a hydraulic articulating arm, and an insulated bucket that can reach 38-feet in height.

Stake body trucks – Available in 2WD and 4WD, Herc Rentals’ stake body trucks feature 12- or 22-foot beds. Other features include standard or crew cabs, removable stakes, a liftgate, and more. Payloads range from 4,000- to 10,200-lbs., while towing capacities range from 6,000- to 10,000-lbs.. These trucks are built to be versatile and are ideal for hauling bulk materials, pallets, and more.

Dump trucks – Built for hauling gravel, sand, demolition waste, or other loose material. Product lines include 3-yard, 5-6 yard and 12-14 yard models. These trucks also seat between two and six people, and feature a tarp system, in-cab controls, and a tow package. Trucks also include massive payload and towing capacities. (Note: Some models require a CDL)

Water trucks – Ideal for controlling dust on construction sites, as well as for mining, cleaning, fire-prevention, landscape and agricultural watering and filling swimming pools, Herc Rentals’ water trucks include a towable 525-gallon tank or 2,000- and 4,000-gallon diesels. (Note: CDL and Tanker Endorsement is required as both trucks can transport more than 1,000 gallons of water.)

Crash trucks – Also known as crash attenuators or crash cushions, these trucks are built to save lives in a construction work zone. While the truck itself is similar to a stake body truck, the device attached to the back of it is unlike anything else on the road. The device has two purposes – to steer traffic away from construction crews and absorb an impact from behind. Additional features include a personnel bucket, strobe, and work lights and removable stakes. (Note: A CDL is required)

Terminal tractors – Ideal for port, intermodal, or warehouse and distribution purposes, terminal tractors feature a 70,000-pound lift capacity, a 33-mph max road speed, and come equipped with a back-up alarm and front and rear tow eyes. 

Crane trucks – Using hydraulics to lift equipment or supplies that weigh thousands of pounds safely and efficiently, diesel-powered crane trucks are an essential tool for construction and repair of roads, bridges, buildings, and more. Features include a 71-foot, 3-section boom, outriggers, a hydraulic capacity alert. (Note: A CDL is required for operation)For more on trucks and trailers, check out the Herc Rentals’ Solutions Guide

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