Traffic Message Boards Save Lives

Local, State and Federal Government Agencies, Businesses and Others Rent Traffic Message Boards from Companies Like Herc Rentals to Increase Safety on Roadways and Near Jobsites. 

A single traffic message board, arrow board or speed monitor can be a pricey expense for governments and businesses that want to increase roadway safety. It’s also why many local municipalities, states, provinces, and businesses choose to rent instead of purchase when capital expenditure funding is scarce. 

For motorists across North America, regular traffic signs communicate a variety of important messages to drivers, whether it’s detailing a road’s speed limit, distance between two locations, nearby service stations, and much more. While these signs are effective in increasing roadway safety, they can only detail a morsel of information. 

More detailed roadway information, however, often comes in the form of a message board. But what are these message boards? What is their purpose? What are the differences and how do they work? 


Traffic message boards are exactly what they sound like — electronic signs that can display a wide range of real-time messages to inform drivers of road hazards, conditions, construction, special events, and more. These signs are often deployed to encourage drivers to slow down and watch for hazards which can result in fewer crashes and safer conditions for motorists and pedestrians. 

When selecting a traffic message board, the most important thing to remember is a driver’s ability to see, read and quickly comprehend the message you want to send. Message boards offered for rent by Herc Rentals, for example, come equipped with bright LED lights and operate on battery/solar power making them efficient and effective. Additionally, these signs can be attached to trailers, mounted on trucks, or simply be positioned on the side of a road or highway. 

Whether you need a full matrix message board or a three-line message board, each come with a standard hitch for easy transport, adjustable heights, and easy-to-program messages from a password protected, locked control box. 


Arrow boards are the most common electronic sign. Sometimes stationary on the side of a road or attached to the back of a road construction truck, these signs serve one purpose — to inform a driver to move into a left or right lane. 

Arrow boards feature LED-lit arrows that point left or right, warning drivers of lane closures, road construction or a crash. 


Usually placed in a median or along the side of a roadway, speed monitors are typically deployed to get drivers to reduce their speed in a specific area. Featuring 26-inch characters, these signs flash when it detects drivers exceeding posted speed limits. Like message boards and arrow boards, they also come equipped with a standard tow hitch and can be configured to address speeders in mph or km/h. 

For more information about Herc Rentals’ traffic and crowd control gear and devices, click here. 

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