Lighting Your Jobsite the Right Way

Choose the right type of lighting for safety, security and getting the job done

No matter where your job takes you, there’s a portable light designed to follow.

So, what type of portable light is right for you and the job at hand?

SCENARIO 1: The Dark Parking Lot

You’re the boss and employees have made you aware they don’t feel safe leaving the workplace after dark, mostly because of your dimly lit parking lot.

Austin Berend, Herc Rentals’ fleet solutions manager and an expert on portable lighting, said a temporary lighting solution for this specific need is one of the easiest to provide because of the variety of options at your disposal.

“There are a couple of towers that work in this scenario,” Berend said. “The traditional solution is the LED Generac MLT6SMD. It has a long run time of up to 205 hours and offers all the advantages of any LED tower.”

Another option is the Generac PLT240. “The big difference between the two is this one won’t require you to refuel,” he said. “It’s an electric LED tower, so all you’ll need is an outlet.”

SCENARIO 2: The Interstate Construction

You’re the contractor charged with resurfacing an overpass on a highway, but your 15-person crew can only work at night. You need lights that offer a spread wide enough to allow every crew member to do their work safely without impacting passing traffic.

The newest light tower in our fleet, the Generac Cube+ Hyper, is already proving to be extremely popular with road crews, Berend said. “The cool thing about them are the light diffusion covers,” he said. “They cover the lights, so users get more of a washed light as opposed to a directed light. They are also DOT compliant and won’t distract drivers as much as a light that’s directed more toward the work at hand.”

SCENARIO 3: The Concert Festival

Lighting technicians take care of the stage lights and visual effects, while you, the concert promoter or venue owner are responsible for secondary lighting. This lighting has nothing to do with the performances on the stage, but rather the safe movement of festival attendees to concession areas, restrooms and walkways to and from the parking lot.

“The Generac Cube+ Hyper is the one you want,” said Berend, noting the diesel-fueled tower has the capabilities to keep running without the need to refuel even during multi-day festivals. “It has an extremely long run time, with up to 300 hours — 100 hours more than the next closest option.”

He said the tower is ideal for lighting just about any space, whether it’s required by local ordinances or the venue itself. The wide span of light that shines in all directions is perfect for common areas, parking lots, walkways and bathroom areas.

Another advantage of this tower is its design, Berend said. “If you need multiple towers, this is the one to get. Because of its square shape, you can load more on a trailer and actually reduce your overall shipping costs,” he said.

Another option is the Allmand Night-Lite E-Series. While this electric light tower needs a power source, it has been proven to be highly effective.  “The Night-Lite E-Series was field tested at one of the largest music festivals in the nation,” Allmand’s product manager said in a press release touting the light’s effectiveness, “its durable design enabled attendees to enjoy the festival in an illuminated environment.”

SCENARIO 4: Refinery or Mine

You’re a refinery production supervisor or a mine operations manager. Your crew is working in a dark environment with highly combustible chemicals or gases. They need a light that features a bulb that won’t get too hot or create a spark if it goes out. They also need one that provides enough illumination to see the ground, pinning and striking hazards, as well as slipping and tripping hazards.

There are a couple of options here, but all should be electric LED, Berend said. “You don’t want an engine-driven tower because of fuel exhaust,” he said. “With the electric LEDs, all you have to do is plug it in and you won’t have any worries about exhaust.”

Two towers to consider are the Allmand Night-Lite E-Series and the Generac PLT240. Both consume minimal power and are considered clean and safe choices.

SCENARIO 5: The High-Rise Condo

You’re a contractor in charge with building a high-rise condominium in a congested downtown area. Interior light is minimal and electrical power is provided through a generator.

“You need an electric LED because you can’t have exhaust,” said Berend, again pointing to the Allmand Night-Lite as an ideal choice. “The NiteLight covers the most area and it requires 320W bulbs that provide considerably more light coverage than towers with 240W bulbs.”

Assuming the contractor is working on multiple floors of the high-rise simultaneously, the contractor potentially will need two or three dozen units.  The ability to fit 41 of these towers on a 48-foot truck will reduce delivery costs.For more on lighting and other Herc Rentals equipment, check out our Rental Solutions Guide

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