Safe Driving Tips for Sales Professionals

For National Safety Month, Herc Rentals Takes It to the Streets by Offering Safe Driving Guidelines to Sales Pros Everywhere

When you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle almost anything can be a distraction, from texting, talking on the phone (even hands-free) to tinkering with directions or the radio on your infotainment system and more.

According to the National Safety Council, more than 700 people a day are injured in distracted driving and approximately 94 percent of all motor vehicle crashes involve human error.

We all can do better. During National Safety Month, Herc Rentals is reinforcing safe driving habits to our sales team and invites all sales professionals to do the same to keep their colleagues and other motorists safe.

Team Herc has broken down specific instructions into three categories for its sales team to follow in the office, on the road and at the jobsite.

Motor Vehicle Administration

  • Drive without distractions – Just Drive!
  • Maintain a safe speed and slow down.
  • Following distance, use the five second rule.
  • Don’t assume, G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look).

Department of Transportation

  • Know what to tow.
  • Know your tow capacity.
  • Know what you’re authorized to tow.
  • Walk around your vehicle before you drive.
  • Keep a clean debris-free truck. Clean cab, clean bed, clean truck.


  • Proper PPE – Wear it at our branches, customer sites, and everywhere else required!
  • Keep three points of contact.
  • Learn, understand and follow customer job site safety rules and requirements.
  • Stretch early and often throughout the workday.
  • Practice safe lifting, bend at the knees, ask for help, and use lifting aids.
  • Practice proper workplace ergonomics.

Additionally, we encourage our team to learn about their vehicle’s safety features and use them correctly. These safety features are designed to not only protect a vehicle’s driver and passenger, but other drivers and pedestrians as well. Look through your vehicle manual to learn which features are available and make use of them to stay safe while behind the wheel.

  • Do not rely on safety features to replace you as the driver – you are still your car’s best safety feature.
  • Make sure you understand your vehicle safety features before using them – not all vehicle safety features operate the same way.
  • Maintain your vehicle to keep safety features working correctly, including clearing the vehicle of mud, ice and snow.
  • Pay attention to vehicle alerts and warnings.

Arrive alive. #JustDrive.

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