Committed To The Perfect Day

At Herc Rentals, it really does begin with a commitment to safety

“The purpose is worth the process”- Unknown

It’s no secret businesses are always seeking ways to decrease risk exposure for their team members while simultaneously being on the lookout for ways to improve safety on the road, out in the field or in the office.

For some companies, a “commitment to safety” means putting up a safety poster in the break room and calling it a day, but at Herc Rentals the commitment to a “Perfect Day,” or a day without an injury, is engrained in everything we do.

Most accidents and injuries in the workplace are preventable and happen because of one of these seven reasons:

  1. Overconfidence – Just because you’ve skirted the safety rules a thousand times before doesn’t mean something won’t happen to you.
  2. Worksite/workplace disarray – Tidy workplaces prevent falls and other injuries.
  3. Distractions – Focus on your job at hand. If it’s driving, focus on the road. That text message from your boss can wait until you’ve arrived at your destination.
  4. Neglect of safety procedures and precautions – Someone took the time to create these procedures for a reason. On job sites, workers wear hard hats, safety vests, gloves and steel-toed boots for a reason — not because PPE makes them look cool.
  5. Beginning a job before all information, including potential health and safety hazards as well as design and construction hazards and emergency procedures are received.
  6. Failure to prepare for a job – Before beginning any job, understand the potential hazards. Reading and understanding OSHA’s Job Hazard Analysis will go a long way in preventing an accident.
  7. Taking shortcuts – We all want to get our jobs done efficiently, but when you’re dealing with heavy equipment and machinery, safe operation is of greater importance than expediency.

Herc Rentals requires an active commitment to, and accountability for, safety and safety compliance from all team members and its contractors. At the same time, Herc Rentals operations management takes a leadership role in communicating, implementing, and ensuring conformance to safety and compliance policies and standards.  That’s because strong safety performance starts at the top and extends throughout the organization.

At Herc Rentals, our team understands the important role safety plays in individual success as well as for the entire company. In fact, Herc Rentals team members have access to a wealth of safety information on a dedicated in-house website. Safety information found there includes everything from tools for the “Perfect Day,” detailed Safety Guides, the Stop Work Process, Incident Reporting, the Lessons Learned Process and more.

Because of this company-wide emphasis on safety, Herc Rentals team members are conscientious of safety requirements at Herc owned facilities and our customer’s locations.

At Herc Rentals, we are all committed to:

  • Protecting, and striving for improvement of, the safety and health of our people at all times;
  • Eliminating accidents and non-conformance to safety policies, procedures and practices;
  • Meeting specified customer safety requirements and ensuring continuous customer satisfaction;
  • Setting safety performance objectives, measuring results, assessing and continually improving processes and services through effective safety programs and processes;
  • Responsibly planning for, and swiftly responding to and resolving safety-related events;
  • Appropriately communicating and ensuring understanding of our safety policies, standards, programs and performance with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding safety performance;
  • Improving our performance on safety issues relevant to our internal and external stakeholders and on which we can have an impact, and share with them our knowledge of successful safety programs and initiatives;
  • Complying with applicable legislation, regulations, and industry standards related to safety;
  • Building a culture where “Stop Work” is understood as an individual obligation and company responsibility;
  • Identifying and effectively managing of safety risks;
  • Allocating appropriate resources to honor our safety commitment;
  • Making every day a “Perfect Day.”
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