Rental Protection Plans Offer Peace of Mind and Could Save You Thousands

Accidents happen.

And theft of construction equipment shows no sign of slowing, with the National Equipment Register (NER) estimating that $300 million to $1 billion in gear is stolen annually. Those numbers, however, don’t include the millions of dollars in stolen tools and building materials.

Jobsite accidents and theft are two main reasons why business owners, contractors, fleet managers, and project managers go beyond insurance and purchase rental protection plans (RPP).

Considered enhanced protection by many in construction and other industries that utilize rented equipment as part of their day-to-day activities, RPPs fill in liability gaps uncovered by traditional insurance that protect customers from pricey jobsite damage repairs, vandalism, or replacement costs associated with theft.

Why You Should Buy a Rental Protection Plan

No matter how safe your team operates, no matter how many times they’ve used a piece of equipment without error, and no matter how secure you think your jobsite is, all it takes is one accident, one mistake, or stroke of bad luck and you could be facing repair or replacement costs in the five or six-figure range.

Sooner or later, something will go wrong. When it does, the goal is to minimize the impact. RPPs do that and more. Simple and affordable, RPPs provide customers with a worry-free rental experience, and while most equipment rental companies offer these plans, not all are built the same way or provide the same levels of protection.

The Herc Rentals Difference

With its customers in mind, Herc Rentals designed its RPP to be hassle-free. If equipment or tools are stolen? Simply send over a police report. Gear or tool damaged? All a customer would have to do is just tell their Herc Rentals rep how it happened. That’s it.

What’s Covered by RPP

Herc Rentals equipment covered includes aerials, air compressors, air tools, chain hoists, climate control, compaction, concrete and masonry, earthmoving, floor and surface prep, lawn and landscape, material handling, pallet jacks, plumbing and mechanical, portable lighting, power generation, pressure washers, pumps, and remediation. (Note: RPP is not offered for specialized gear like demolition robots, attenuator crash trucks, or full size excavators.)

Herc Rentals also offers rental protection for all truck and trailer rentals. While normal vehicle insurance will cover damage to rented trucks and trailers resulting from a roadway crash, Herc Rentals’ RPP ensures customers are also protected from cracked windshields, damaged or shattered mirrors, accidental jobsite incidents, and damage from decal removal.

To learn more about Herc Rentals RPP, report an incident, or read terms and conditions, click HERE.

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